Fertility Ultrasound, Early Pregnancy Ultrasound & Pelvis Ultrasound Scans


Specialist womens health ultrasound service providing Fertility ultrasound scans, Pelvis ultrasound scans and Early Pregnancy ultrasound scans. Online booking available for next day ultrasound appointments. 


 Fertility and Early pregnancy ultrasound is a specialist ultrasound service located in Galway. We provide high resolution transvaginal gynaecological Pelvic ultrasound scans for all aspects of woman’s health. From trying to conceive with follicle tracking scans, IVF ultrasound scans and FET ultrasound scans, we provide ultrasound scans right through to early pregnancy ultrasound reassurance scans and NIPT to screen for chromosomal abnormalities.

Our NIPT service includes an ultrasound scan prior to an appointment with a NIPT specialist GP. For NIPT enquires please call 091 794694 or click on the schedule NIPT test button below

If you have unexpected bleeding in the early part of your pregnancy, we can provide an urgent reassurance ultrasound scan at short notice. Our specialist radiographer can provide an instant report as well as referral to the local Early Pregnancy Assessment unit (EPAU) or a report to your GP. 

 Women’s Health 3D Pelvis ultrasound scans 

As part of our general women’s health service we also provide specialist high resolution transvaginal 3D pelvis ultrasound scans for Polycystic ovaries check (PCOS) and specialist pelvic ultrasounds to check for endometriosis and adenomyosis. 

Book a pelvis gynaecological ultrasound scan now for the next available appointment or request a call back if you would like to talk to our specialist women’s health radiographer about what scan to book.

Ultrasound Scans

If you have your cycle dates for your scan

  Fertility treatment ultrasound scans

Are you working with a fertility clinic abroad?

Our dedicated fertility service provides fertility ultrasound scans for patients that are undertaking fertility treatment including IVF ultrasound scans, FET ultrasound scans and Donor egg ultrasound scans. We work with well-known clinics including SIMS, UNQLIFE, Gennet, Cube, Serum IVF, Instituto Bernabeu and Institut Marques and many others. 

To view more information on our range of fertility treatment scans 

Early pregnancy ultrasounds from 6 weeks to 16 weeks gestation

Early pregnancy ultrasound reassurance scans

Have you just had a positive pregnancy test and would like to confirm the pregnancy is viable – our  reassurance ultrasound scan is a 2 scan appointment between 6-7 weeks to confirm an intrauterine pregnancy and a follow up scan after 8 weeks to confirm the pregnancy is still viable. For more information on our early reassurance scans click here 

Request an urgent call back from our clinical specialist radiographer to book in for an urgent ultrasound scan

Suspected miscarriage ultrasound scan

At Fertility Ultrasound we understand the pain and anxiety associated with a suspected miscarriage. If you experience unexpected bleeding in early pregnancy or have had a sudden loss of pregnancy symptons, book in for your ultrasound scan at our next available appointment 

Diagnostic Fertility wellbeing follicle tracking scans

Are you trying to get pregnancy, have you now identified yourself as TTC on social media forums? Our diagnostic follicle tracking package is geared towards women who have taken the first steps of their fertility journey. Please select one of the following that suits your needs.

Non Invasive Prenatal Testing

The NIPT prenatal blood test is a simple non invasive maternal blood test that can check the risk to your pregnancy of having genetic conditions including Down’s syndrome (Trisomy 21), Trisomy 18 (Edward’s syndrome) and Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome).

The Cost of the test is €550 and includes an ultrasound check to confirm viability.

The test can be carried out after 10 weeks gestation and up to 14 weeks gestation. To book an appointment please call 091 794694 or email info@oranhealth.com 

Chat With An Expert.

Findings that require urgent medical attention will be communicated immediately to your referring Clinician.


Why Choose Us


CORU Registered Clinical Specialist Radiographers

  • All ultrasounds performed by CORU registered Clinical Specialist Radiographers
  • All medical reports are completed within 24 hours.

Short Wait Times

  • Same day urgent referrals accepted
  • No waiting times for appointments

  • Evening appointments available


Immediate Reports To Your Coordinator

All reports and ultrasound images are emailed to your co coordinator immediately after your ultrasound scan

You can expect reliability, confidentiality and honesty from our ultrasound specialist. Your experience at our clinic matters to us.

If you would like to book an early pregnancy scan for reassurance, we can scan up to 16 weeks gestation. Please email